Our Pledge of Allegiance

We pledge that our allegiance is fully to our customers.

We offer highly effective products with toxin free, nutrient rich, and powerfully bioactive ingredients at a reasonable price. We earnestly endeavor to provide skin solutions that perform as represented with understatement rather than overstatement. An unquestioned total satisfaction guarantee supports our confidence.

Our goal is to delight each and every customer with our products and our service, and truly contribute to health and wellbeing.

Going beyond…

  • We are daughters of life brought together by a vast array of discoveries that wove a desire to serve you with carefully selected skin care solutions.
  • We focus on non-toxic, active, chirally correct solutions – safety beyond.
  • We believe in seeking out and sharing truth, selecting products with you in mind.
  • We make decisions holistically, meaning we consider how our decisions impact health, lifestyle, spas, stores, ecosystems, communities, customers and our collective future health.
  • We commit to continue learning, listening and educating.
  • We experiment on ourselves to bring you the best results-driven options.
  • We live an 80/20 healthy lifestyle and use what we promote.
  • We nourish the skin for a lifetime of beauty and health.
  • We give consciously to our community and pay blessings forward – contributing to efforts that unveil beauty found in each person, promote beauty from within and support true beauty tomorrow.
  • We aim higher – farther – brighter.