Liquid WOW Vitamin C


Liquid WOW improved? You got it!!

Vital Therapy's most innovative blend of proprietary peptides expertly signal your cells to fight aging with aggression. Liquid WOW includes the scientifically ideal concentrations of L-ascorbic acid coupled with ingredients known to promote repair of sun damage and protection from further UV harm. Specialty acetyl-glutathione known as free radical quenchers, drive further rejuvenation, decreased inflammation and anti-aging results.

This Vital Therapy masterpiece is your very best solution to pulse life back into your skin.

Vital Therapy Peptide Complex – unleashes anti-aging fighters

20% Vitamin C in L-ascorbic acid form – protects from UV damage and unlocks collagen rejuvenation

Caffeine – repairs UV damage

Acetyl-glutathione – clears toxins, decreases inflammation, brightens skin