Liquid R&R Vitamin A


That's right – intense repair at its finest.

Liquid R&R restores texture and tone, fights aging and speeds cellular renewal. Our most innovative discovery ever brings you the Vital Therapy Peptide Complex to fight aging deep within your cells. Free radical quenchers eliminate toxins in the skin to revivify from within and regenerate while you rest. L-Retinol/Glycolic Acid complex adeptly reveals younger, healthier skin.

Customers rave that R&R works as powerfully as medicinal forms of Vitamin A (L-Retinol) without the side effects or irritation!

Vital Therapy Peptide Complex – unleashes anti-aging fighters

L-retinol/glycolic complex – stimulates tissue growth and promotes cellular turnover

GSH peptide – clears toxins, decreases inflammation, brightens skin